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Initiation courses
initiation chamanisme


IntuitiondeSoi offers initiation and deepening courses in shamanic, energetic and intuitive practices of self-knowledge and self-awakening. These are times of teaching, experimentation, sharing and exchange. The distribution of these times is adapted to the energy of the group and that of the participants in order to best meet the expectations and needs of each. In short, tailor-made and not ready-to-wear. The will of IntuitiondeSoi is to initiate a dynamic of openness, knowledge and self-affirmation through the awakening and integration of three qualities inherent in human beings:
the clairvoyant, the shaman and the healer.
- the quality of the clairvoyant is that of the discernment which makes it possible to see clearly in the confusion, to thwart the lure and the imposture of false appearances. Clairvoyance has nothing to do with any prediction of the future. It is expressed, developed and integrated through a particularly deep and lucid analysis and understanding of oneself, of the other and of the world. We discover it and develop it at each stage and in particular during the
"Intuition, Perception and Consciousness" course

- the quality of the shaman is to know how to make "bridges" and links between reason (left hemisphere) and intuition (right hemisphere), between ordinary reality, that is to say observable thanks to our senses and reality not -ordinary, that is to say the domain of the unconscious. It expresses, develops and integrates through intuition, perception and awareness.

We discover it and develop it during the "Initiation to Shamanism" courses.

- the quality of the healer is to be able, in its own way, to awaken in us our own conscience so that we find the resources to heal ourselves. It expresses itself, develops and integrates through intuition and self-respect and respect for others, a vibrational and energetic perception of the human being and through the opening of the heart . We discover it and develop it over the

"Magnetism and Energy Care" courses

Présentation stages
Planning des stages
Schedule of internships

The schedule is updated regularly, if in the column "Number of remaining places" it is not written complete it means that there are places left.
The display of the schedule may take a few moments, please be patient.
Informations pratiques

Useful information

Organization of internships :


Self-Intuition courses are reserved for people over 21 years old.

For everyone's comfort and for the quality of support, the number of participants is between 5 and 10 people.

Two formulas are offered: 2-day courses which take place on Saturdays and Sundays, and 5-day courses which take place from Monday to Friday.

Classes start at 10:00 a.m. and end around 6:00 p.m.

They take place in a room dedicated to spirituality, in a large and comfortable tent on the edge of the forest or quite simply outside if the weather is favorable.

They consist of teaching time, sharing and practical exercises indoors and outdoors depending on the themes.

The days are punctuated with short breaks where you can take the opportunity to stroll between the menhirs or take some time for yourself in our pretty forest...

Lunches are taken together on site, we welcome you in our dining room or in our garden/forest if the weather permits.

If the number of participants is less than 5 people two weeks before the course, it is then cancelled. In this case, participants are informed as soon as possible and the reimbursement or deferral of deposits is made immediately.

stage chamanisme bretagne
retraite chamanique bretagne

The place :


The place of training is located 35 min. south of Rennes, in the countryside between moor and forest on a plot of more than one hectare dotted with old quarries and upwellings of purple shale from Brocéliande. It is not uncommon to come across squirrels, deer and all the richness of regional biodiversity.

stage chamanisme en Bretagne
The place is not served by public transport, so the car is the only way to come.

The addresses of the participants (city and postal code) are communicated in the common information email which is sent a week before the course so that those who wish can organize their carpooling.

To come:

Take the Rennes - Redon D.177 axis, then take the D.776 exit (La Chapelle Bxic/Maure de Bgne/Lassy). Drive 12 kms to arrive at the La Chapelle Bouëxic roundabout. Then turn right towards Bovel on the garage side. After the lake (on the right) take the first left.
Pass the places called "La Bourousais" and "Lourme Hubert".
At the following crossing "La Chattais" is indicated, drive 300 m.

The first house on the right, No. 2, with blue shutters is the correct one.

You are at N°2, La Chattais in Maure de Bretagne/Val d'Anast (35330).

Meals :

For the comfort of all lunches are included in the price of the course (12.50 euros / meal).
Anthony from " EpicesIndeLove " or Annaïg prepare copious and delicious Indian specialties and generous seasonal vegetarian dishes.
Allergies and special diets are to be reported to the reception of the common information email, approximately one week before the course
Only the Monday midday meal, for the 5-day courses, is not offered. Participants are therefore invited to bring their Monday lunch.
Accommodation :

We do not offer accommodation, camping or the reception of equipped vehicles.
Below is the list of some nearby hosts who regularly host participants, call them from Simon ;):
- Private rooms at Annie de "La Vieille Roche" in La roche Cotherel, 35330 Bovel
- 02 22 93 41 35
- Private rooms at Christine 's, rue de la Guée, 35330 La Chapelle Bouëxic - 07 82 14 28 14
- Philippe du gîte du Manoir de La Bourousais , 35330 Maure de Bretagne - 06 88 18 57 12
- Amandine from Moulin des Perrays gite - Tel:
Otherwise it is possible to camp at - Eco-camping "Les Buis" , 35330 Les Brûlais - 06 28 76 07 65

You can also consult the offers of Booking , Airbnb , LeBonCoin and Gîte de France
Prices and Registrations :
The price includes lunches (see " Meals ").
- €225 for two-day courses.
- €550 for 5-day courses.
To register for a course, simply send an email to with the title and date of the course as well as your contact details (tel, email and address).
In order to validate your registration, a deposit of 100 euros is required, it is also possible to pay for the course in advance.
An email will confirm receipt of your information, your deposit and therefore your registration.
Then, a reminder and information email is sent approximately one week before the course.
Payment can be made by
- cash or check to be sent to Simon Coubel, 2 La Chattais, 35330 Maure de Bretagne
or to be hand-delivered during the course;
- transfer via my IBAN:

Coubel Simon Marc Rene

IBAN: FR7614445202000800277291302


- via the Paypal link:

initiation au chamanisme
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