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Workshop "Intuition, Perception and Consciousness"

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Upcoming Dates

2-day "Intuition, Perception and Consciousness" course:

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January 2022


To consult practical information, registration procedures and prices, go to the COURSES page

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The courses dedicated to intuition, perception and consciousness are times of teaching, experimentation, sharing and exchanges where everyone has the opportunity to meet their specificities.

The distribution of these times is adapted according to the energy of the group and that of the participants. Beyond an initiation to techniques of listening and development of intuition, perceptions and Consciousness, IntuitiondeSoi offers real support to meet the clairvoyant who lies dormant in us. In short, tailor-made and not ready-to-wear.

Intuition :

Direct, immediate knowledge of the truth, without recourse to reasoning, to experience.

Unreasonable, unverifiable feeling that an event is going to happen, that something exists.

Perception :

Complex psychological operation by which the mind, by organizing sensory data, forms a representation of external objects and becomes aware of reality.

Awareness :

It is the ability to perceive, identify with, think and behave appropriately.

It is what we feel and what we know about ourselves, others and the world.

In this sense, it encompasses the subjective apprehension of our experiences and the objective perception of reality.

The term "clairvoyant" used here refers to the quality of discernment which makes it possible to see clearly in the confusion, to thwart the lure and the imposture of false appearances, here and now.

Clairvoyance has nothing to do with any prediction of the future.

It is expressed, developed and integrated through a particularly deep and lucid analysis and understanding of oneself, of the other and of the world. 

It is the possibility of seeing, perceiving, feeling elements that will help, heal, feel the soul of the other and not their present, past or future daily life.

Why this course?

At the time of registration and during the other courses that I run, many people claim not to have any particular intuition, perceptions or feelings.

However, I was able to observe that everyone has, in their own way, intuition and feelings.

I therefore propose this course in order to allow everyone to become aware and measure the extent of their own intuitive and perceptive capacities.

The objective is the opening and widening of individual consciousness and, at another underlying level, the development of confidence and self-expression.

To whom is this stage addressed ?

This course is open to everyone, no special knowledge or ability is required.

It is aimed at people who wish to discover and develop their intuitive capacity, refine their perceptions and expand their consciousness.

It can be an interesting complement for people with an artistic activity, for therapists from all walks of life or simply for people wishing to get to know themselves better.


This course is offered in the form of a 2-day weekend dive or "melted" into the content of the 5-day courses "Intuition of the Self" , "Initiation to Shamanism" and " Magnetism and Energy Care" .

It allows those who hesitate or cannot commit to a week to be able to dive into the theme for a weekend.

Whatever the formula, at the end of the course one or more individualized exercises allowing a coherent development of capacities are proposed to each participant.

At the end of an "Intuition, Perception and Consciousness" course, people who wish to continue, deepen or just benefit again from a "little bubble for themselves" have the possibility of taking part in the "Self- Intuition" courses , "Initiation to Shamanism" and " Magnetism and Energy Healing" .

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In the program

At the level of individual development, this course helps to remove some of the obstacles (limiting beliefs, lack of self-confidence, fears, etc.) that prevent access to information in which we are constantly immersed.

It helps to understand the process of presence and attention as well as the fundamental role played by our mind.

Teaching, here too, is intended to be empirical (non-dogmatic) and individualized.

So that everyone can make the most of the experience, I propose, according to the sensitivities and needs of each, to decode and translate what is experienced and perceived.

Each group "vibrates" in a different way and it is by listening to and accompanying this vibration that the course will be articulated, a detailed hour-by-hour program cannot therefore be offered. However, to get an idea, here is a sample of the content of the courses:

- Presentation and definitions: Clairvoyant, intuition, consciousness, clairvoyance, synchronicities, proprioception, peripheral sight, energies, emotional or cognitive empathy, dreams...

- Intuition in all its forms...(re)learning to listen to them and live them...
- Perceptions: mirror to the larks or support of self-knowledge?
- Consciousness, a divine seed?
- And the Mind in all this? Why and how to rehabilitate it?
- How to take our perceptions in hand or how to refine our feelings whatever they are?
- How to feel and "read" a person, a place, an object?
- How not to feel? (Yes, yes, I assure you !)
- How and why to read the time (clairvoyance) past, present and future?
- How to feel the subtle energies
- the Profession Game
- How to create your own "games" of perception
- Open to an energetic and informational vision of the world around you.
- Other depending on the group and the intuitions of the moment...

At the end of the course one or more individualized exercises allowing a coherent development of the capacities are proposed to each participant.

predictable :

For your comfort, remember to bring something to take notes, comfortable clothes adapted to the season, shoes that are easy to put on and put on and your good mood.

The days are dense and sometimes intense which can be tiring, so it can be interesting to plan a little time for yourself after the course.

It is also possible to experience the equivalent of the "Intuition, Perceptions and Consciousness" course during the "Self-Intuition" course as well as during the 5-day " Magnetism and Energy Care " and "Initiation to Shamanism" courses.

To consult practical information, registration procedures and prices, go to the COURSES page

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