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Courses "Initiation to Shamanism"
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Upcoming Dates

2-day "Initiation to Shamanism" course:

Saturday 05 and Sunday 06 March 2022

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May 2022

Saturday 02 and Sunday 03 September 2022

5-day "Initiation to Shamanism" course:

from Monday 11 to Friday 15 July 2022

from Monday 25 to Friday 29 July 2022

from Monday 08 to Friday 12 August 2022

from Monday 03 to Friday 07 September 2022

To consult practical information, registration procedures and prices, go to the COURSES page

formation chamanisme bretagne



The discovery and initiation to shamanism courses are times of teaching, experimentation, sharing and exchange where everyone has the opportunity to live their own experience.

The distribution of these times is adapted according to the energy of the group and that of the participants. Beyond training in techniques, IntuitiondeSoi offers real support to meet the shaman who lies dormant in us. In short, tailor-made and not ready-to-wear.

Initiation is an interior and/or exterior journey in which a person finds himself confronted with new experiences which allow him to mature, to trigger or to deepen a process of spiritual development. Life can be perceived in itself as an initiation.

The shaman creates "bridges", "links", between the visible and the invisible, between the conscious and the unconscious, and translates the symbolic, vibratory language,  intelligent of nature, of the Universe in order to find solutions to problems, to heal and to know.

The practice and the vision proposed here allow us to access the resources of our inner shaman, to move towards greater clarity of consciousness (lucidity and transparency) and to strengthen the process of attention and presence.

It is also the opportunity to renew the dialogue with Nature in all its forms (mineral, vegetable, animal, human and subtle).

The teaching is intended to be empirical (non-dogmatic) and individualized in order to initiate an update of the system of beliefs.

It happens that adjustments in the positioning as well as an opening to the intuitive and the spontaneity  appear as side effects...

Why these internships? :

It is first of all the answer to a call, to an obviousness to discover the vision and the practice of shamanism.

It is then the desire to offer an approach and a practice of shamanism that is intuitive and adapted to contemporary Western life.

Finally, it is the choice to offer a great experience in a healthy, respectful and comfortable setting, in contact with nature.

To whom is this stage addressed ? :

This course is open to everyone, no special knowledge or ability is required.

No need to have any "gift" or "shamanic" predisposition or even a call to participate. The people who take part are between 21 and 80 years old.

It is aimed at people in search of meaning, development or self-knowledge as well as people simply wishing to discover and experience an approach to shamanism.

It is also suitable for those who aim to learn to silence and re-educate their mind, to develop grounding, attention and presence, to refine their intuitive abilities or who are simply curious about themselves and their depth.

It is a great opportunity for those who wish to take time for themselves, to "bubble" out of the daily routine by following the thread of Self-Intuition.

two formulas:

Two internship options are offered:

a 2-day weekend dive and a 5-day weekday immersion .

The 2-day course is offered as a discovery and allows those who hesitate or cannot commit to a week to dive into the theme and learn about the practice over a weekend.

The 5-day course is offered as an initiation and allows everyone to have time to immerse themselves in the practice, to integrate adjustments, awareness and to meet their own abilities.

Whatever the formula, at the end of the course all the participants have experienced and have a solid basis for the autonomous practice of shamanic journeys as well as other traditional and modern methods of awakening and development of consciousness.

People who participated in the 2-day course and then participate in the 5-day course will only have to pay for the last 3 days of the course.

At the end of an "Initiation to Shamanism" course, people who wish to continue, deepen or just enjoy again a "little bubble for themselves" have the opportunity to participate in

"Energy Harmonization" courses and "Magnetism and Energy Care" courses

The content of the 2-day course is also included in the 5-day "Self- Intuition" course .

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stage chamanique bretagne

In the program

The illusions and received ideas, the expectations and the strategies of the ego are brakes or pitfalls generally encountered in the practice of shamanism.

These courses therefore offer an update of the belief system generating adjustments in the positioning of each as well as an openness to intuition and spontaneity.

We work as much on positioning only on the "technical" aspects.

A "protocol" that can be modified by everyone is proposed, detailed and put into practice so that at the end of the course everyone is able to practice on a daily basis in a secure environment.

A shamanic drum recording made with the help of musician Nicolas Méheust is sent to the participants for this purpose.

So that everyone can make the most of the experience, I propose, according to the sensitivities and needs of each, to decode and translate what is experienced and perceived.

Each group "vibrates" in a different way and it is by listening to and accompanying this vibration that the course will be articulated, a detailed hour-by-hour program cannot therefore be offered. However, to get an idea, here is a sample of the content of the courses:

- Presentation and definitions: Shamanism, shaman, energies, spirits, egregores, shamanic travel, power animals, guides, altered states of consciousness, lucid dreaming, astral travel...

- Where, when, how to practice?

- Pitfalls and pitfalls to avoid

- Anchoring, Attention, Presence

- Rootedness, Affirmation, Awareness

- How to ask for, receive and understand the advice of allied spirits

- Shamanic journeys in the 3 worlds

- Meet your power animal(s)/totem

- Take a trip to meet your guide(s)

- Go to meet and get to know on a subtle level with a plant, a tree, a place...

- Receive a treatment or "shamanic healing"

- How to remember your dreams

- Understand and decode symbolic language

- Exercises and games to develop attention and presence

- Proposal of individualized exercises  

- Circle of drums

- Time for questions/answers on personal themes

- Relationship to the body with the yogi board

- "Update" ceremony

The first part of the 5-day course roughly corresponds to the 2-day course and is mainly focused on the practice of the shamanic journey which is a passage in consciousness from the ordinary world to the non-ordinary world, in order to contact and communicate with the spirits. , to share knowledge, obtain information and/or help. In a shamanic journey, communication is done as in dreams, that is to say from images, metaphors, symbols or even stories.

The second part of the course allows everyone to highlight, clean and harmonize what can be. A time corresponding to the "Intuition, Perception and Consciousness" course is proposed so that everyone can become aware of their own intuitive abilities. Finally, to close the course, an "update" ceremony allows participants to record and integrate the developments and awareness of the week.

predictable :

For your comfort, remember to bring something to take notes, comfortable clothes adapted to the season, shoes that are easy to put on and put on, your drum if you have one (otherwise I have what it takes) and your good mood.

The days are dense and sometimes intense, which can be tiring, so it can be interesting to plan a little time for yourself after the course.

Following an introductory course in shamanism, people who wish to continue, deepen or just enjoy again a "little bubble for themselves" have the opportunity to participate in

"Energetic Harmonization" courses and "Magnetism and Energy Care" courses

To consult practical information, registration procedures and prices, go to the COURSES page

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formation chamanisme bretagne
stage chamanisme bretagne
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