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Individual Sessions

For people who wish to take stock of their situation, highlight the intentions, strategies and beliefs underlying the blockages and problems encountered, I offer individual sessions.
These take the form of a conversation during which I help to decipher, decode and unravel the thoughts, emotions and motivations that generate the difficulties encountered.
Together, we explore different avenues of reflection and we observe your situation and your position vis-à-vis it from different angles.
I translate, in the form of keywords, images and "metaphorical visions", what your Being sends back to me at the subtle level. This approach generates the awareness necessary for a realignment between what you consciously want and what you unconsciously vibrate.
Finally, I offer tailor-made exercises in order to assimilate and integrate the insights and adjustments made.
Translated into a simplified esoteric form, this is what it looks like:
Energetic, karmic and transgenerational reading and cleansing.


What a session can bring :

- ventilation and cleaning of the mental sphere:
Go from petanque ball to crystal ball
- recognition, acceptance and release of repressed emotions:
- an evolution of the perception of what is experienced and why it is experienced:
Take a step back to jump better
- access to the multidimensionality of the human experience:
Expand Consciousness
- the reopening of the dialogue with the Self, the Deep Being:
Reactivate indoor GPS
- development and integration exercises:
Take action
Ancre 1
Ancre 2
Making appointments


If you wish to make an appointment, please leave a message with your contact details (tel or email),

either by phone at,

either by email to

I will then contact you to offer you a time slot.

It is possible to do a face-to-face session at N°2, a place called La Chattais,

35330 Maure Bretagne / Val d'Anast ( see map ),

in video via Skype (skype ID: simon.coubel) or by phone.

Plan 1h30 in person or 1h00 in video or on the phone.

The price of the first session is 75 €, the following sessions to 50 .

Remote sessions are payable in advance.

Payment in cash, checks, transfer via my iBAN:

Coubel Simon Marc Rene

IBAN: FR7614445202000800277291302


or by Paypal via the link below:

energeticien chaman bretagne
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