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"Self Intuition" ?
Intuition : comes from the Latin intuitio , "sight, gaze",
derived from intueri "to watch carefully".
Self : relates to "one" as "me" relates to "I",
  it indicates a relationship of the subject with himself.
Intuition of Self = Observation and harmonization of the relationship we have with ourselves. In other words, the process of consciousness and self-awakening.
Since 2012, I have accompanied, through Intuition de Soi, those who wish, with this in mind, to take a step towards themselves. For this I suggest:
- individual support in the form of sessions to answer questions and personal problems.
- courses of discovery, initiation and deepening of shamanic, energetic and intuitive practices of knowledge and self-awakening.
- to go further but also for fun I suggest
from initiatory journeys in Central America.


Want to take stock of "Where you are"? Need a helping hand? A little clarity? You want to do an internship but you prefer to meet me before registering? So, I suggest you meet us during a
individual session .
Shamanism is a field that attracts you, intrigues you or seems inaccessible to you? Do you have the intimate feeling that there is "something else", more subtle levels accessible by consciousness? Do you want to experiment comfortably in contact with nature and without artifice? In this case I invite you to come and live the experience during the
"Initiation to Shamanism" courses
Do you want to do good, relieve, with your hands, your word, your presence? You aim to open, refine or structure your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual sensitivity
  in order to better understand and accompany the other? Are you afraid of doing wrong (or doing wrong), do you lack confidence in your abilities, or do you want to leave room for intuition, spontaneity in your practice? Welcome to
"Magnetism and Energy Care" courses

Do you want to be able to listen and develop your intuition, understand and structure your feelings, develop your ability to translate/decode what crosses you, discover your specificities in terms of perception and consciousness?
You should be interested in the
"Intuition, Perception and Consciousness" course


You have just read the menu in order and you say to yourself that you have trouble choosing between the three proposed course themes? Do you want to immerse yourself and soak up the world of shamans, healers and clairvoyants?
In this case I thought of you by proposing the

"Self Int uition" course
Adventure is dangerous but routine is deadly!
Take a real time "out of time" for yourself, for pleasure and experience by combining exploration and discovery both inside and outside, do you like it?
Live the "Return to Self" during a
initiatory journey

If you want to know more about me or see what I look like you can get an idea by taking a look at the
Who am I ? below


Who am I ?

I am Simon, in balance between a child who marvels, a teenager who experiments and an adult who asserts himself...

My heightened sensitivity and attention were for a long time disabling in my relationship with others, whom I have always found it easy to "read". I had to learn to recognize, understand and structure my feelings and intuitions in order to use them and make others benefit from them rather than submit to them or stifle them.

This momentum took me on a journey to meet different people with similar functioning, shamans, healers or even clairvoyants from whom I learned to recognize and use the keys to self-awareness.

I have, in spite of myself, started an inner journey to meet my dark side, my greatness but also and above all my smallness...


In parallel with this inner journey, I learned to master several tools of self-knowledge and connection to the living, whether through the shamanic approach and vision, or that, energetic, vibratory and informational of healers and clairvoyants.

I made the choice in 2011, during a "Vision Quest" among the Navarros Indians of Arizona, to leave my position as an archaeologist in order to fully immerse myself in the practice and sharing of my "reading", of my feelings and tools of self-knowledge and awakening to spirituality.

Since then I have had the opportunity to "read" and accompany several hundred people through individual consultations or courses and seminars that I lead in France and abroad.

I am convinced that we feel things as we think them.

That the way we perceive ourselves and the world is decisive and conditions our well-being.

May our psyche abound with resources which, with a little practice, become accessible and usable.

That it is quite possible to clean up and develop in a harmonious way our perception of things and our position in relation to life, to the world, to the other.

That changing the way we look at the world changes the world we look at.

That the quest for meaning, the spiritual quest is not a search for "positive" but for clarity and that honesty towards oneself, accountability and acceptance of oneself are the main qualities required to evolve.

I offer "tailor-made" support in order to create the foundations for development and autonomous personal evolution.

The discovery and initiation to simple and proven practices of knowledge and self-awakening in a comfortable and respectful setting, in contact with nature.

An inner journey of awakening and knowledge following the thread of Self Intuition...


Qui suis-je ?
simon coubel
simon coubel
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